A.M to P.M 

The memo wonders about the postmodern esthetic. Unlike to the neutrality and objectivity from modernism, the experimentation and the perception of the senses are the key characteristics of the postmodernism.The title plays with the morning and afternoon concepts: am to pm (aftermodernism to postmodernism). The cover is a sunrise, and the back cover a sunset, representing the transition between one movement to the other.
The layout is marked by the modernism. Little by little the post-modernism, represented by the hand written insertions, takes importance in the text.

The memo is divided in 3 different parts:

- First part makes reference to the transition from modernism to postmodernism. Design and layout remain very modernist with texts from J. Keedy and J.M. Brockmann.

- Second part “Learning from Las Vegas” from Venturi, analyses the city where it shows a commercial and popular architecture. Visually, matte becomes glossy, columns enlarge themselves and typefaces become bold, in line with the exuberance of the city.

- Third part, “L'Empire des signes” from Roland Barthes, the hand written insertions become a symbol in line with the book itself.